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Puur Photo workshop: Assignment 5; Telling story’s

Telling a story with photo’s. That was the last assignment we got for the Puur photo workshop

My photo’s in this assignment are maybe not the most perfect photo’s but they are definitely telling a story…..

The story of my daughter who plays a part in the school play.
Last night she and her class played a great show!





Jane, thank you so much for the instructive workshop!

Assignment 4: Learning to Watch

This week Arnika gave us the next assignment. And this one is about learning to watch.
Here you can read al about the assignment.

Mostly blue.

Familiedag 28-08-2010 006
Solex mopeds in a row. I love this one. Especially in black&white.

Photo 22-09-12 12 25 31
a cute detail of my dog šŸ˜‰

I see the emotion in my daughter’s eyes. She was a bit sad and found comfort in the strong arms of her stepfather.

Thanks you so much Arnika!

Assignment 3: Movement & Water

Wow THAT was an assignment! I’ve learned so much of this one.
Took LOTS of pictures and played with Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO

The water assignment was really cool to do. With a little help from my daughter because i couldn’t move any water AND take a picture at the same time šŸ˜‰




The Movement assignment was a whole different story….
Pffff at some time i would throw my camera far far FAR away and quit the assignment.
I had reached my limit…

Just like a said….i learned SO much of this assignment! But it frustrates me that I am not able to show what I’ve learned. I am not satisfied with my movement photos at all. But it’s ok. I keep trying!

The next pictures are not my best but show my struggle….
Despite everything, I’m still proud of myself!




Juliƫtte, dear daughter, thank you so much for helping me out!

I’m looking forward to see what the other participants did with this assignment.

Jane, thank you for this one!

Puur photo workshop: assignment 2

I’m participating in a photo workshop. Here you can read about the workshop and the list of Photographers who gives us their assignments.

Assignment nr2 is organised by Mariska de Groot and this one was ALL about Positioning, Light and Point of View. Unfortunately, my house was really dark inside when i was working on the assignment.
I really wanted to add natural sunlight to my pictures….

This assignment was fun to do and i took it very seriously. I took my favourite vintage bowls as my object-to-capture. I placed them on a white table so i could walk around and play with the light and the distance.

I took pictures of every step and now i like to show you what the results are….

D A R K & L I G H T

C L O S E & F A R
Onlangs bijgewerkt5

B E L O W & A B O V E
Onlangs bijgewerkt6

D O N’T L I K E I T L I K E T H I S (because of the darkness and the blurriness)
Onlangs bijgewerkt7

D O L I K E I T L I K E T H I S (because the colors turned out to be perfect and the pics are thin sharp! I also like the shadow in the last picture)

Onlangs bijgewerkt8

And that’s why i chose a picture from that last serie to be my favourite one. I like my object on a white, reflecting ground. Almost like a mirror. I like sharp and i want the colors on the picture be like the colors as in real.

Looking forward to see what the other participants did with this assignment en looking forward to the next one!

Photo workshop; Assignment 1: Create your own style

A couple of weeks ago i saw the announcement on her blog to participate to a photo workshop.
I like photography a lot. I wish i had much more time to go out and take lots of pictures. I also wish i had the knowledge to take more professional pictures and know ALL about my camera.
This workshop gives me the chance to learn more about photography. Here you can read more about the assignment:
Pure Photo Workshop

Let me introduce myself to the other participants:

Hello, i’m Barbara (41 y), mother of 2 beautiful daughters and married to the Love of my life.
We live in a small city in the middle of the Netherlands.
I take pictures with my Canon 1000D (Zoom lens 80-200 and standard 18-55) or my Iphone.
Because i like photography, Instagram and Pinterest are my “favorite waste of time” šŸ˜‰

Britt Straatemeier gave us the first assignment. As a proffessional photographer she said: “When you know who you are and what your style is you can use this in every creative process”.
And she is right.

So, i had to find out what M Y S T Y L E is and i created a My style pinboard on Pinterest.

Part 1 of the assignment was not too hard to achieve. Just P I N , P I N, P I N anything i like.
Part 2 was a bit harder. I had to find out what “My Style” was. With a little help from my kids we came up with the word C O L O R F U L

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-10 om 11.31.52.png

Because i love colorful items, doesn’t mean that this style is necessarily M E
With my camera i am always looking for the right light, right brightness, right feeling, right everything.
Every captured moment deserves it’s own feeling.
L O V E captured in red ….
N A T U R E captured in fresh pure light…
S U N S E T captured in orange & warmth….
P O R T R A I T captured in Black & White…

My children gave me a few words that described me:


So, the next picture is just like M E šŸ˜‰
And just like M Y S T Y L E because of the light, the colors and the brightness of the picture.


Can’t wait visiting the other participants blogs!

Love Barbara