Assignment 3: Movement & Water

Wow THAT was an assignment! I’ve learned so much of this one.
Took LOTS of pictures and played with Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO

The water assignment was really cool to do. With a little help from my daughter because i couldn’t move any water AND take a picture at the same time 😉




The Movement assignment was a whole different story….
Pffff at some time i would throw my camera far far FAR away and quit the assignment.
I had reached my limit…

Just like a said….i learned SO much of this assignment! But it frustrates me that I am not able to show what I’ve learned. I am not satisfied with my movement photos at all. But it’s ok. I keep trying!

The next pictures are not my best but show my struggle….
Despite everything, I’m still proud of myself!




Juliëtte, dear daughter, thank you so much for helping me out!

I’m looking forward to see what the other participants did with this assignment.

Jane, thank you for this one!

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