Corner View: Animals

Vanmorgen samen met Lief op de scooter…
This morning Love and i went for a ride on the scooter…

…een stuk rijden. En onderweg genieten van de plek waar wij wonen.
And enjoyed the place we live.
En deze vriendjes kwamen we onderweg tegen!
And these are the friends we saw!
I just loooooove cows!

11 gedachten over “Corner View: Animals

  1. kenza

    lovely! and the cows… so much to love! Which I had one in my backyard with my little one drinking so much milk these days! Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing.

  2. Conny

    What a great looking rooster pheasant he is! Usually they are hiding low in the grass trying not to be found. It’s nice that you can scooter around and see all these animals. Happy Corner View day. ~ Conny

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