Corner view / Home

                       “Home is where the heart is”

“Peeking at your neighbourg” Don’t we do that all? I love to peek through windows and see what others call their “Home”   Blogging is just like that. So many beautiful houses to see. And most of them are so beautiful that i almost feel a tiny sense of jealousy. Like “the grass is always greener at the other side”.

To embrace and honor my own Home i got the idea to start “Home sweet home”. Every monday me (and already 22 other bloggers) show the world what a great, beautiful, peaceful and “cozy” place our own HOME is. Legal “peeking at your neighbours”! ;))

Want to participate? Check the sidebar here on my blog at the right and leave a comment at the last Home sweet home.

Looking forward to see YOUR Home!

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8 gedachten over “Corner view / Home

  1. Joyce

    when i walk and drive by a home i wonder sometimes about the family that lives inside. blogging for me is inviting a friend in for a cup of coffee. Thanks for inviting me in. xo

  2. likeschocolate

    Sometimes what you see isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I would much rather live in a home filled with love and joy than a home that by all appearances looked perfect. It if fun though to see how others live.

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